### April Featured poet: Kim Malinowski Two pieces from featured poet Kim Malinowski anchor our April issue in history: in particular, in archaeology and books, the physical relics of our relationship with the past. Kim’s engagement with the written word is deep; as Kim says herself, “she writes because the alternative is unthinkable.” Kim earned her B.A. at West Virginia University and her M.F.A. at American University, and studied with The Writers Studio. Kim’s commitment to her craft has earned her many publications and awards, including nominations for the Pushcart, Best of Net, and Rhysling awards. Kim’s published collections include *Home*, *Clutching Narcissus* (retired), the verse novel *Phantom Reflection*, and a chapbook, *Death: A Love Story*. Look out for her forthcoming verse novels, *Buffy’s House of Mirrors* (from Q, an imprint of Querencia Press) and *We Could Be Lovers* (from Nightingale & Sparrow Press), as well as her forthcoming sequence *The Fool’s Journey* (from Vræyda Literary).

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