### March Featured Poet: Devon Brock *The Pierian*’s March issue opens with a contemplative piece from frequent contributor Devon Brock, our Featured Poet this month. Devon’s lines are characterized by a spare intensity and persuasive rhythms, with diction reminiscent of Theodore Roethke. This month’s selection, “Winter Funerary with Prayer,” really spoke to us in the frozen wastes of a Northern February. Devon has been published or has poems forthcoming in *Atlanta Review*, *Third Wednesday*, *Glassworks Magazine*, *William & Mary Review*, and *North Dakota Quarterly*, among others. In his own words: *Devon Brock is a line cook and poet living in South Dakota with his wife and dog. He will be forever grateful to the Pierian for its support.*

### Pierian Poet Adam Haver Wins Willie Morris Award Adam Haver, whose poetry is featured in *The Pierian* issue 1.3, has won the Willie Morris Award for Southern Writing, judged by Susan Kinsolving. Kinsolving describes Haver's work as "haunted by history and its elusive consequences". We heartily concur. To read more about the Willie Morris award and Adam's work, please read the [press release](https://news.olemiss.edu/willie-morris-awards-awarded-in-fiction-nonfiction-and-poetry/) from Ole Miss. *Photo used by permission. Credit: Lizeth Haver*.

### Tribute Contest *The Pierian* is proud to offer a contest honoring the poems that shape us. Your source poem must be in the public domain and published on or before 1927. Your tribute to it should engage, respond, dispute, answer, or depart from it, as you see fit. *The Pierian* awards USD $10 per winning entry. *The Pierian* editors may award any number of poems this award, including zero poems. Winning poems may appear in issues as early as March. All winners will be included in *The Pierian* yearly print omnibus. Contest ends June 1. You can win more than once. Please see full rules at [https://www.thepierian.org/fliers/tribute.pdf](https://www.thepierian.org/fliers/tribute.pdf)

### Febuary Featured poet: Mark J. Mitchell Our featured poet for February is Mark J . Mitchell of San Francisco, California. His poem “Witness Protection” interweaves thirteen (lucky?) lines of mystical and evocative content with a complex pattern of rhyme. In his own words: *Mark has been a working poet for almost 50 years. He is very fond of baseball, Louis Aragon, Miles Davis, Kafka, Dante, and his wife, activist and documentarian Joan Juster.* Mark is the award-winning author of five full-length poetry collections and six chapbooks. His latest collection is *Something To Be*, forthcoming from Pski’s Porch Publishing. Look out for another one of Mark’s poems in an upcoming issue of *The Pierian*!

### Submissions Open for Spring 2023 A reminder that *The Pierian* reads completely blind and does not use cover letters. Our software scans your uploaded documents and formats each poem to preserve your line breaks, bolding, and italic, but standardizes font. If you submit more than one poem, our editorial engine randomizes the order in which we read them to preserve your anonymity and ensure each and every poem is given fair consideration. Submissions that break anonymity are returned. We're not aware of any other journal that goes to similar lengths to level the playing field. Read the latest issue to see what sort of stuff we're taking.

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