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The Pierian seeks invigorating new poetry that engages with the sounds and sense of poetic traditions. We consider free verse, formal verse, prose poetry, and combinations thereof. We will consider the occasional longer piece, but most of what we publish is 40 lines or less.

The Pierian does not accept cover letters. Each poem is read blind, shuffled with other recent submissions. We do not (and cannot) read the entirety of your submission holistically. Cater your submission accordingly. We seek poems that stand apart.

We have a strict no simultaneous submissions policy. This helps us keep our workflow focused and ensures we are able to publish the best work we receive.

Pro submissions may be simultaneous; this status is available to our Patreon supporters. If you're a supporter, please select Pro after beginning the Submit process below. Then enter your supporter code!

The Pierian receives first electronic and print rights. All accepted poems will be published at thepierian.org and in our yearly print journal. We do not accept previously published poems, and your poem should not appear anywhere online.

We pay one contributor’s copy (currently US-only).

The Pierian accepts Word (docx) and OpenOffice (odt) file uploads. Do not include any identifying information in your upload. Place each poem in a separate document. DO NOT place multiple poems in a single document!

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